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September 2005 Opening Session of Lay School of Ministry.
See Howard
Bonnie and Howard Weber and Diane Kaufmann, all LSM Board members register new students and hand out texts and name tags.
Carol, Howie and Vicki
Board member Carol Braun, Board Treasurer, Howie Weber and our meals coordinator, Vicki Fankhauser.
LSM Dean, John Kurschner sets out our Continuing Ed. texts. Luther and the Reformation Era was the topic.
First Year text books.
Dr. Gary Simpson, teaches first and second year Theology and Systematics.
Pastor Mary Jorgenson taught Bible to first and second year LSM students.
Pastor Greg's first session finds students drawing biblical timelines from memory?
Bethany Walker
Bethany and Beverly work on their timeline together - now what goes where and when?
Don and Dick
Pastor Don Wisner, who teachers Worship to first and second year students, visits with Pastor Dick Bruesehoff, our lead of continuing education instructor.
67 continuing education students attended this year. Dick gave us a visual history of the sites of the Reformation.
video tapingAll of this year's contining ed lectures were taped for Select Media who chose 4 sessions to create instruction DVDs for the greater church.
Dick 2
After the session, Dick vistits with some continuing ed. students.

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