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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of a 'degree' does the LSM bestow?
2. Who can attend? Any restrictions?
3. What kinds of things will I learn in the LSM?
4. Where and when does the LSM meet?
5. How much reading and outside study is required?
6. What is the total time commitment each month?
7. What about food and housing for those from out of the area?
8. How much does the LSM cost? Books and other materials?
9. Who pays? The individual or their church?
10. When are payments due?
11. Are scholarships available?
12. What (Who) are mentor pastors? Must I have one to participate?
13. What are covenant groups?
14. Who are the LSM Faculty?
15. Must I have Internet access to participate?
16. What other things are required of participants?
17. How do I register for Lay School?
18. Who can attend Continuing Education classes?

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