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2010-2011 Continuing Ed - Topic: Christian History Overview.

Starting off this exciting year, was church historian from the University of Chicago, Dr. Martin Marty. 
Dr. Marty led us through "A Short History of Christianity".
Dr. Martin Marty

In October, Professor Kurt Hendel - LSTC - spoke on the history of "Reforming the Church".
Kurt Hendel

November Dr. Phil Krey - LSTP - spoke on the "Church in Times of Crisis".
Phil Krey

December, Professor Guy Erwin - California University - "Sex, Marriage, Men and Women"

This was one of the few times LSM had to be canceled on Saturday, because of an overnight snow storm. Dr. Erwin was supposed to fly home Saturday afternoon. He is shown below on Saturday evening - drive way cleared, but no snow plows yet. Neighbors got him to the airport on Sunday thanks to 4 wheel drive, but no flights were going into O'Hare except international flights inbound.  We got the snow blowers out to make a path to go get him back from the Chippewa Valley Regional airport.  Guy made it home finally later on Monday.
Guy Irwin snowbound in Wisconsin

January 2011 - Kit Kleinhans, from Wartburg College - "The Development of Doctrine"


February, with Professor Darrell Jodock - Gustavus Adolphus College - "Transforming Society"
Darrell Jodock

March presenter was Professor Mark Tranvik - Augsburg College - "Peace and War"
Mark Tranvick

April brought us Mark Wilhelm from the Office of Vocation and Education - ELCA -"Unifying the Church"
Mark Wilhelm

May concluded our year with Professor Samuel Torvend - Pacific Lutheran University - "Missionary Outreach"
Sam Torvend

This year we shared our presentors with a group at Trinity Lutheran in Lawrence, Kansas, via Skype. Here's our sound technician, Graeme Fehr, getting set up to connect to Lawrence. They were able to send questions and get answers from the presentors are well.
Graeme Fehr