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2009-2010 Continuing Ed - Topic: The Old Testament Prophets

Lead off instructor from Princeton University was Professor Jeremy Hutton, who spoke on the Former Prophets.
Jeremy Hutton

Jeremy's father, Professor Rod Hutton, from Trinity Seminar,y spoke on Amos & Hosea in October.
Rod Hutton

In December, Eli Beach from St. Ambrose University, taught on First Isaiah.
Eleanor Beach

Professor Paul Hanson, from Harvard University, covered Jeremiah in January.
Paul Hanson

Dr. Chip Bouzard, from Wartburg College, continued with 2nd & 3rd Isaiah in March.
Chip Bouzard

Bill Urbock, from UW-Oshkosh led us on discussions of Jonah and other prophets.
Bill Urbock

James Vigen, director of the Luther Institue, covered the topic: The Prophets Today.
James Vigen