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May 2006 Photos
Mary Jorgenson
Pastor Mary Jorgensen taught Spiritual Formation  - here she is meeting with the second year group that will be completing their basic course at LSM on this day.
Students completing the first two years of Lay School recieve a symbolic cross during the closing worship each May.
Diane, Mphatso and Tim
Our Continuing Education class had Mphatso Thole, Companion Synod Coordinator from our campanion church in Malawi. Mphatso's counterpart in our synod is Diane Kaufmann - shown here along with Tim Fehr who's helping Mphatso load his presentation.
Hoe Demonstration
Mphatso demonstrated many things about Malawi life. Including things as basic as a garden hoe used to prepare their fields to plant corn - the staple food in much of Malawi.