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Spiritual Formation Class for Year 1 and 2 - Natalie Leske

"Frogs Without Legs Can't Hear" by Paul Hill and David Anderson $12.00
"Practicing the Faith" by Dorothy C. Bass $15.00
"Soul Feast" by Marjorie J. Thompson $13.00
"Simple Ways to Pray for Healing" by Matthew Linn, Sheila Fabricant Linn, and Dennis Linn $10.00

David K. Anderson - Worship for Year 1 & 2

Required Texts:
Evangelical Lutheran Worship (pew edition) – if you can borrow one from your congregation that would be fine, otherwise, I recommend that you purchase one.
Introduction to Christian Worship, James F. White (Paperback - Jan 2001)  $25.00

Gary Simpson - Church Confessions and History for Years 1 & 2

"The Book of Concord," Wengert Edition $40.00

Greg Kaufmann - Biblical for Years 1 & 2

'The Bible: An Introduction" by Jerry Sumney $46.00
"Synopsis of the Four Gospels" $35.00 (New edition 2010)
"The Bible's Big Story" by Harry Wendt $10.00

A good study Bible - recommended "Lutheran Study Bible" - contact Resource Center for best pricing...

Continuing Education

Read Everything You Wanted to Know About Indians But Were Aftaid to Ask