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Continuing Education classes are open to all Lay School of Ministry participants who have completed their first two years of basic studies.

Each year the Lay School Board chooses a theme and invites instructors from around the country to cover our topics. We seek out instructors from our ELCA seminaries and colleges, as well as experts at public and private universities, colleges and other institutes.

2021-2022 Continuing Education Instructors and Topics

The Shape and Shaping of Faithfulness:
Diverse Biblical Perspectives


September 10 & 11 ❉ Jason Paul Engel, "Illuminating Faithfulness: The Saint John's Bible as Witness to the Torah and Beyond"

October 8 & 9 ❉ Leticia Guardiola-Sáenz , "The Faithfulness of Women in the Gospel of John: Crossing Borders and Building Bridges with Jesus"


November 12 & 13 ❉ Amy Lindeman Allen, "Jesus among the People:  Following Jesus through the Synoptics and Book of Acts"

December 10 & 11 ❉  Gregory Cuéllar, "Deuteronomic History and the Former Prophets in the Face of Empire"

January 7 & 8 ❉  Nathan Esala, "(Re-)translating the Voices of the Major and Minor Prophets for Life"

February 11 & 12 ❉  David Rhoads, "Life Lived in Response to Grace:  The Radical Proclamation of Justification"

March 11 & 12 ❉  Fausto Liriano, "Faithfulness in Wisdom's Way:  Poetry and Prose of Wisdom Books Slowing Us Down"

April 8 & 9 ❉  Holly Hearon, "Exploring Faith and Faithfulness in the Catholic Epistles:  Context and Conversation"

May 13 & 14 ❉ Barbara Rossing, "Faithfulness as Hope Unveiled:  Apocalyptic Literature's Vision"

* signifies in person and zoom options      ❉ signifies a month with only zoom