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2021-2022 Continuing Education Instructors and Topics

The Shape and Shaping of Faithfulness:
Diverse Biblical Perspectives


September 10 & 11 ❉ Jason Paul Engel, "Illuminating Faithfulness: The Saint John's Bible as Witness to the Torah and Beyond"

October 8 & 9 ❉ Leticia Guardiola-Sáenz , "The Faithfulness of Women in the Gospel of John: Crossing Borders and Building Bridges with Jesus"


November 12 & 13 ❉ Amy Lindeman Allen, "Jesus among the People:  Following Jesus through the Synoptics and Book of Acts"

December 10 & 11 ❉  Gregory Cuéllar, "Deuteronomic History and the Former Prophets in the Face of Empire"

January 7 & 8 ❉  Nathan Esala, "(Re-)translating the Voices of the Major and Minor Prophets for Life"

February 11 & 12 ❉  David Rhoads, "Life Lived in Response to Grace:  The Radical Proclamation of Justification"

March 11 & 12 ❉  Fausto Liriano, "Faithfulness in Wisdom's Way:  Poetry and Prose of Wisdom Books Slowing Us Down"

April 8 & 9*  Holly Hearon, "Exploring Faith and Faithfulness in the Catholic Epistles:  Context and Conversation"

May 13 & 14* Barbara Rossing, "Faithfulness as Hope Unveiled:  Apocalyptic Literature's Vision"

* signifies in person and zoom options      ❉ signifies a month with only zoom