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Understanding, Renewing, and Co-creating
in God’s Good Creation

Lay School of Ministry of Northwest Synod of Wisconsin
2019-2020 Continuing Education Schedule

September 13 & 14
God is Here: Inhabiting Creation with a Room-Making God
            Mary Emily Briehl Duba, University of Dubuque - The 2019 Greg Kaufmann lecturer
            Visiting Assistant Professor of Theology, Louisville Institute Fellow
October 11 & 12
When the World was Wild and Waste & Other Creation Stories
            Pam Faro, Oral Performance Storyteller and Educator, M. Div.
            Richard Swanson, Augustana University (Sioux Falls)
               Professor of Religion, Philosophy, and Classics
November 8 & 9
Faith-Inspired Care for the Environment in the Southwest
            Glenn Schrader, The University of Arizona, Institute of the Environment
            Professor of Chemical and Environmental Engineering
December 13 & 14
Creation: A Native American Christian Perspective
            Kelly Sherman-Conroy, Luther Seminary
            Ph.D. Student
January 10 & 11
Climate and Faith: The Science, Our Shared Values and Some Responses
            Jim Boulter, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, Watershed Institute
            Associate Professor of Chemistry
February 7 & 8
A Watered Garden: Worship and Ecology
            Benjamin M. Stewart, Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago
            Gordon A. Braatz Associate Professor of Worship
March 13 & 14
Practicing Joyful Stewardship
            Jim Martin-Schramm, Luther College
            Professor of Religion                                                            

April 3-4    (weekend shift to avoid Good Friday)
Eco-Reformation, Jesus and the Bible: Cultivating Hope and Healing for All
            Barbara Rossing, Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago
            Professor of New Testament

May 8 & 9
Resisting Structural Evil to Heal a Broken World
            Cynthia Moe-Lobeda, California Lutheran University
            Professor of Theological and Social Ethics